Monday, 19 December 2011

Julep Maven

I recieved an email from Julep Maven with a first months trial for 5$ so I said "Oh why not" and put in my credit card information. I picked a 4 polish set that was a holiday special for 19.99$ and with the discount code "DECEMBER" - it in fact totalled to 5$ and free shipping. I was very skeptical about the polishes. Even though they are mentioned in Vogue and In Style. Can't believe everything right?

My box finally got here and it was packaged very beautifully and with such care and precision. I should have taken pictures but I was excited and about to go to sleep so I tore into it like Godzilla would Tokyo. I recieved these 4 polishes:

Helena: Ultra-saturated fuchsia.
Chloe: Charcoal base with a holiday sparkle in a vibrant magenta.
Kim: Dark, gunmetal grey. Smoky and mysterious.
Julep Fast Dry Topcoat: A glossy finish that prevents yellowing and protects nail color with fast-drying shine.

At first, I'll be honest. I couldn't stand these polishes. They were super thin and runny and I just gooped them everywhere. I promptly called and cancelled my account.

I decided to give them a second shot and play with them more at work. So I brought Helena and the Julep Top Coat with me with J'adoreNoir Cosmetics Vanity Duo's Show Girl. Since I work graveyards at a hotel I get bored and sometimes play with nail polish to pass the time. I soon started realizing that these polishes are actually really great, just a pain in the butt to work with initially. I had the SMOOTHEST finish I have ever seen - almost gel like and the top coat adds to the glossy factor by making them look professional.

All in all I give them 4 out of 5 Hearts.

Because of the thin-ness they are a pain to work with at first.