Saturday, 13 August 2011

J'adoreNoir Cosmetics

I've been buying goodies from J'adoreNoir Cosmetics for awhile now.
From lip stains, to nail polish, eye shadows and blush.
Ms. Angel has it going on. :D

Her stuff is SUPER pigmented. So a little goes a LONG way.
 Her packaging is super secure.
Comes double bubble wrapped, everything is labeled.
Very professional in that regard.

Now onto the look!

Lips: Brutal Barbie Lip Stain by J'adoreNoir Cosmetics
Eyes/Brows: Silver Ash & In the Dark by J'adoreNoir Cosmetics;
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara, NYX Fat Eyeliner Marker;
Urban Decay Brow Box in Ginger Snap
Cheeks: Sixty Nine by J'adoreNoir Cosmetics. (HIGHLY Pigmented)
Face: ELF Primer, Sobe Minerals Foundation in Sand.

Last but not least...MY BIG TOE.
(I can't paint my nails because I'm in the Culinary Arts field)
So I did my big toe to show the amazing-ness.

Out of 1 to 5 stars.
J'adoreNoir Cosmetics gets 5!

The customer service doesn't lack.
Shipping is prompt; albeit a bit pricey.
Products are fantastic.
No complaints here. So try it out!